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Public Notices For 2009
PN-100-09 Constitution of RUMMAGING and INTELLIGENCE CELL at JNCH 24.12.2009
PN-99-09 Some sections of this Custom House will be working on 26.12.2009 and 28.12.2009 Saturday and Monday 23.12.2009
PN-98-09 Pendency of Drawback claims 18.12.2009
PN-97-09 Officer designated as Central Public Information Officer 18.12.2009
PN-96-09 Officer designated as Central Public Information Officer 17.12.2009
PN-95-09 The assessment practice while loading the declared value of the imported goods or revising the declared classification. 16.12.2009
PN-94-09 Details of Additional Charges 14.12.2009
PN-93-09 Procedure for handling Grievance received from trade and other stake holders 03.12.2009
PN-92-09 Assessment,Examination of Prime Steel including Stainless Steel Sheets, Coils, Plates, Tin Plates, etc. 02.12.2009
PN-91-09 Procedure for the grant of refunds in the cases other that SAD refund 30.11.2009
PN-90-09 Rescinding of Facility Notice no. 35/2007 dated 21.08.2007 26.11.2009
PN-89-09 Amendment in procedures for reconstruction of EP copy of Shipping Bills 26.11.2009
PN-88-09 Reviewing of procedures of post-shipment amendments under Sec. 149 of the Customs Act 1962 20.11.2009
PN-87-09 Special measures for liquidation of Drawback claims pending on account of un-answered queries 13.11.2009
PN-86-09 Procedure for inter CFS transfer of export goods where LEO has not been given. 18.11.2009
PN-85-09 Verification of Duty Free Import Authorization (DFIA)Licences and monitoring of their Export obligation under the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) 17.11.2009
PN-84-09 Right to Information Act, 2005, Officer is designated as Central Public Information Officer. 13.11.2009
PN-83-09 Buffer Yard Zone created under control of CFS Punjab Conware for handling of factory stuffed containers. 12.11.2009
PN-82-09 Non submission of post verification report of jurisdictionalCentral Excise in the cases of Factory-Warehouse Stuffing Permission as per PN No.52/2008 dated 01.07.08 09.11.2009
PN-81-09 Disposal of goods brought into CFS-Customs area for export but not exported and not obtained shut out 15.10.2009
PN-80-09 Payment of Un-disbursed amounts of Drawback claims 21.10.2009
PN-79-09 Procedure to be followed in case of EPCG scheme 21.10.2009
PN-78-09 Procedure for Registration and Monitoring of DEEC/Advance Authorisation Scheme 21.10.2009
PN-77-09 Export of Coconut and Coconut based products by exporters not registered with Coconut Development Board 16.10.2009
PN-76-09 Grievance redressal in case of delay in clearance of Bills of Entry beyond the stipulated time 16.10.2009
PN-75-09 Amendment to Hazardous Wastes Rules 07.08.2009
PN-74-09 New designated Central Public Information Officer 30.09.2009
PN-73-09 Nodal Officer appointed for implementation of Public Notice No.52/2009 30.09.2009
PN-72-09 Sections of Custom House to be working on 26.09.09 and 3.10.09(Saturday) 25.09.2009
PN-71-09 Facility of Direct Port Delivery to select Imorters 23.09.2009
PN-70-09 Implementation of Risk Management System (RMS) in Imports 16.09.2009
PN-69-09 Correlation of Technical Characteristics, Quality and specifications of Inputs with Exprt Product under DFIA Scheme 18.09.2009
PN-68-09 Some sections of this Custom House will be working on 19.09.2009(Saturday) 18.09.2009
PN-67-09 Delayed, incomplete or incorrect filing of Import Mainfest 14.09.2009
PN-66-09 Entry of factory stuffed (including self sealed) export containers into port terminals after LEO 14.09.2009
PN-65-09 Refund of Special Additional Duty of Customs (SAD) 14.09.2009
PN-64-09 Entry of factory stuffed (including self sealed) export containers into port terminals after LEO 10.09.2009
PN-63-09 Powers of adjudication of the officers of Customs – Boards Circular No. 23/2009 09.09.2009
PN-62-09 Powers of adjudication of the officers of Customs 10.09.2009
PN-61-09 Amendment to PN 57/2001 dated 03.09.2001 on procedure for Factory/Warehouse Stuffing Permission 09.09.2009
PN-60-09 Regarding rate of duty applicable for Time Expired Bonds 31.08.2009
PN-59-09 Documents to be submitted by the first time importers through JNCH 04.09.2009
PN-58-09 Genuineness of merchant exporters exporting various goods for the first time from JNCH 28.08.2009
PN-57-09 Entry of factory stuffed (including self sealed) export containers into port terminals after LEO 31.08.2009
PN-56-09 Entry of factory stuffed export containers into port terminals after LEO-charges accepted by the designated CFSs 31.08.2009
PN-55-09 Entry of factory stuffed (including self sealed) export containers into port terminals after LEO 25.08.2009
PN-54-09 Transport operator and CFS to be jointly responsible for CMS Scanner damages. 21.08.2009
PN-53-09 Arrangement for holding additional charges when officers proceed on leave. 11.08.2009
PN-52-09 Entry of factory stuffed(including self sealed)export containers into port terminals after LEO 06.08.2009
PN-51-09 RTI – Officer is designated as Appellate Authority 04.08.2009
PN-50-09 Operation of Shed No. V 29.07.2009
PN-49-09 Disposal of unclaimed/uncleared cargo 31.07.2009
PN-48-09 RTI – officer designated as Appellate Authority 28.07.2009
PN-47-09 Scanning of containers passing through gateway port, Nhava Sheva 29.07.2009
PN-46-09 RTI – designated as Appellate Authority 29.07.2009
PN-45-09 Supreme Court Judgement 24.07.2009
PN-44-09 Disposal of refund claims of 4% ADC (SAD)against provisionally assessed Bs/E 16.07.2009
PN-43-09 Online Transmission of Licence/Authorizations issued under Duty Exemption Scheme (DES) and EPCG 15.07.2009
PN-42-09 Verification of debit details of DEPB licences by respective Group Appraisers assessing Bs/E. 10.07.2009
PN-41-09 Enquiry of the Status of Bills of Entry, Shipping Bills , DBK and IGM enquiry through auto e-mail. 10.07.2009
PN-40-09 Instructions on scanning of containers passing through gateway port Nhava Sheva. 25.06.2009
PN-39-09 Implementation of Risk management system (RMS) for Imports under the Export Promotion Schemes. 17.06.2009
PN-38-09 Unscrupulous importers are importing or attempting to import CONSUMER GOODS using the IEC No. of other persons. 19.06.2009
PN-37-09 Hazardous Wastes (Management, Handling and Trans-Boundary Movement) Rules, 2008. 19.06.2009
PN-36-09 Officer designated as Central Public Information Officer. 15.06.2009
PN-35-09 Officer designated as Appellate Authority. 15.06.2009
PN-34-09 Carriage of coastal from one Indian Port to another Port in foreign going vessel procedure-reg. 05.06.2009
PN-33-09 Handling of Cargo in Custom Areas 05.06.2009
PN-32-09 Guidelines for Valuation of Polymers and their products, under the provisions of the Customs Act, 1962 – reg. 28.05.2009
PN-31-09 Disposal of unclaimed/ uncleared cargo under section 48. 19.05.2009
PN-30-09 Observance of Drawback Clearance Month from 16th May to 15th June, 2009. 15.05.2009
PN-29-09 Payment of Additional Excise Duty (AED) and Special Additional Excise Duty (SAED) on motor spirit and high speed diesel and National Calamity Contingent Duty (NCCD) on excisable goods exported from units located in Special Economic Zone (SEZ) regarding Apr 2009
PN-28-09 Handling of Cargo in Customs Areas Regulations, 2009 regarding Apr 2009
PN-27-09 Designation of Public Grievance Officer- Reg. 12.05.2009
PN-26-09 Declaration of non-standard units of measurement in the Bill of Entry and Shipping Bill at the time of filing of B/E or S/B reg. 05.05.2009
PN-25-09 PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 25 / 2009 May 2009
PN-24-09 Implementation of Risk management system (RMS) for Imports under the Remaining Export Promotion Schemes reg. 04.05.2009
PN-23-09 Acceptance and Monitoring of Bonds and Bank Guarantees reg. 24.04.2009
PN-22-09 Procedure for drawal of samples and testing. 24.04.2009
PN-21-09 Duty Free Import Authorization (DFIA) Scheme – availment of facility under rule 18/ 19(2) of the Central Excise Rules, 2002 or Cenvat credit under CENVAT Credit Rules, 2004 amendment of Notification number 40/06 Cus dated 1.5.06 by Notification No. 17 /2009-CUSTOMS dated 19th February, 2009 and issuance of Circular No. 11 /2009 Cus. dated 25th February, 2009 reg. 16.04.2009
PN-20-09 Procedure for refund of 4 % Additional Duty of Customs in pursuance of Notification No.102/2007-Customs dated 14.9.2007 Reg. 20.04.2009
PN-19-09 Handling of cargo in Customs Areas Regulations 2009 reg. 16.04.2009
PN-18-09 Online Transmission of Licence/Authorizations issued under Duty Exemption Scheme (DES) and Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme (EPCG) 13.04.2009
PN-17-09 Procedure relating to sanction and pre-audit of refund Claims reg. 03.04.2009
PN-16-09 Attention to all the Exporters CHAs Members of the trade is invited to the Public Notice No.06/2009 dated 05/02/2009 regarding processing of Shipping Bills under EDI system at JNCH, Nhava Sheva. 02.04.2009
PN-15-09 Guidelines for Valuation of Polymers and their Products – Valuation Alert by DOV. 31.03.2009
PN-14-09 Commencement of Double Shift System for Customs Examination atImport Docks (CFSs) coming under the jurisdiction of JNCH reg. 31.03.2009
PN-13-09 Implementation of Risk management system (RMS) for Imports under theExport Promotion Schemes- reg. 26.03.2009
PN-12-09 Clarifications in respect of quantum of Bond and Bank Guarantee (BG) under Advance Authorization and Export Promotion Capital Goods schemes reg 18.03.2009
PN-11-09 Systems Alert for Monitoring Realization of Export Proceeds in EDI reg 09.03.2009
PN-10-09 PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 10 / 2009 02.03.2009
PN-09-09 AMENDMENT TO P. N. No. 84/2008 dt. 3.12.08 02.03.2009
PN-08-09 Procedure for payment of Customs Duties by debit in DEPB scrips 17.02.2009
PN-07-09 Classification of footwear having uppers of a combination of leather and synthetic or textile material 09.02.2009
PN-06-09 Partial modification of Public Notice 16 of 04 Manual noting of Shipping Bills 05.02.2009
PN-05-09 Examination norms for goods exported under Reward Schemes 04.02.2009
PN-04-09 Procedure for refund of 4% Additional Duty of Customs 02.02.2009
PN-03-09 Re-structuring of Centralized Refund Section at JNCH 29.01.2009
PN-02-09 NOT WORKING ON SATURDAY 10.01.09 09.01.2009
PN-01-09 Mandatory e-payment to top 50 importers 01.01.2009
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