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F.No.S/5 –Gen -40/2015 P&E JNCH Date:15.10.2015

In pursuance to Centralized order No. M- I/NCH/P&E EA (STA+DOS)/ TA/LDC/51/2015 dated 04.09.2015, the following transfer & posting of Executive Assistant (STA + DOS) /Tax Assistants /LDC are hereby ordered with immediate effect and until further orders:-

Sr.No NAME OF THE OFFICERS Designation Posted to
1 Smt. Jecy E Joseph EA / DOS NS -General
2 Smt. Indumati V Kharat EA / DOS NS -III
3 Smt. A.F. D’Souza EA / DOS NS -I
4 Smt. Birdy Johnson EA / DOS NS -I
5 Smt. Kamal G Nineveh EA / DOS NS -I
6 Sant. Sangeeta S Gmre EA / DOS NS -I
7 Smt Neha A Jadhav EA / DOS NS -General
8 Smt Vidya G Ambedehode EA / DOS NS -II
9 Smt. Rekha V Patel EA / DOS NS -General (Non Sensitive)
10 Smt Sridevi Sudhakaran EA / DOS NS -General
11 Sri Jngm Pramod S EA / DOS NS -IV
12 Smt. Sunanda S Chakradeo EA / DOS NS -General
13 Smt. Pranjali Nitin Nigwekar EA / DOS NS -General
14 Saint Mansi Mahesh Shirke EA / DOS NS -IV
15 SMT. Vrushali V Chhatre EA / DOS NS -II
16 Smt. Rashmi R Pore EA / DOS NS -General
17 Sant. Minkshi D made EA / DOS NS -IV
18 Smt.Sneha S Karangutkar EA / DOS NS -General
19 Smt. Annie Dennis Rozario EA / DOS NS -General
20 Smt. Leena S Pillai EA / DOS NS -General
21 Smt. P. P. More EA / DOS NS -III
22 SMT. Vrushali R More EA / DOS NS -III
23 Smt. Prachi P Dake EA / DOS NS -General
24 Smt. Audrey M.K. Vellat EA / DOS NS -General
25 Smt. S. P. Jadhav EA / DOS NS -IV
26 Smt. Swati P More EA / DOS NS -General
27 Smt. Jyoti Sonar EA / DOS NS -V
28 Smt. Elsie J Moraes EA / DOS NS -General
29 Smt. Anjali S Aswadekar EA / DOS NS -General
30 Smt. Daksha D Rathod EA / DOS NS -General
31 Smt. Kalpana R Jadhav(SC) EA / STA NS -General
32 Kum. Manisha P Karle EA / STA NS -General
33 Sri Prkash Rnjan EA / STA NS -General
34 SMT. MP confeces EA / STA NS -II
35 Shri S G Tare EA / STA NS-II
36 Ms. Jyoti Gautam EA / STA NS -General
37 Low lily Shibe EA / STA NS -General
38 Shri Ashirwad M Hegde EA / STA NS -General
39 Shri V L Gamre EA / STA NS -II
40 Shri Girish K Patil EA / STA NS -General
41 Shri Rakesh K Singh EA / STA NS -III
42 Miss Vandana B Ram EA / STA NS -I
43 Mr. Ved Prakash Meena EA / STA NS -General
44 Smt. Rajani Cherian EA / STA NS -General
45 Mr. Aniruddha a thorat EA / STA NS -IV (Non Sensitive)
46 Shri Sunil N Thakur EA / STA NS -V (Non Sensitive)
47 Shri R U Bhiwapurkar EA/STA NS -General
48 Smt Varsha V Mahadik EA/STA NS -General
49 Shri P S Gujran EA/STA NS -General (Non Sensitive)
50 Shri Nigel Leroy D’sa EA/STA NS -General
51 Smt Vinaya S Kadam EA/STA NS -General
52 Shri Santosh V Kolambekar TA NS -II
53 Shri Krishan Kumar TA NS -III
54 Miss Pallavi Vitthal Rane TA NS -III
55 Shri Gaurav Yadav TA NS -I
56 Shri Bhupendra Kumar Verma TA NS -I
57 Miss Deepawali P Shinde TA NS-I
58 Shri Indrajeet D Mohite TA NS -II
59 Shri I A H Shaikh TA NS-IV
60 Shri Pawan Kumar TA NS-IV
61 Smt Supriya A Duduskar TA NS -General
62 Shri Amogh D Tandel TA NS -General
63 Shri Abid Khan TA NS -General
64 Shri Pravin Jangid TA NS -General
65 Shri Pravesh Kumar TA NS -General
66 Shri Om Prakash Singh TA NS -I
67 Shri Arun Kumar TA NS-V
68 Shri Varun Kumar TA NS -V
69 Md. Firoj TA NS-V
70 Shri Gulab Singh Kushwaha TA NS -II
71 Shri Rajeev Kumar Ranjan TA NS -II
72 Shri Abdesh Maurya TA NS -General
73 Shri Ravi Ranjan Kumar TA NS -General
74 Shri Shushil Ugwekar TA NS -General
75 Shri Bikram Kumar-II TA NS- IV(Non-Sensitive)
76 Shri Pramod Kumar Yadav TA NS-General (Non Sensitive)
77 Shri Sonu Rajput TA NS -General
78 Shri Anil Y Shivalkar LDC NS -I
79 Shri S S Kamath LDC NS -General
80 Shri Ravindra Patil LDC NS -General
81 Shri V G Chaudhari LDC NS -II
82 Shri V R Maykar LDC NS -General
83 Shri M G Chavan LDC NS -General
84 Shri Ramesh Nawali LDC NS -V

3. The above officers should be relieved by 30.10.2015 (without waiting for their relievers except those posted in Accounts Pay Bill Section who would be relieved on specific permission from ADC/ Accounts Pay Bill Section) directing to report to P&E Section and Appraising Main (Import), JNCH from where they will get relieving orders for joining concerned section. This will help in Centralization of records.

4. A compliance report of relieving of officers should reach to Addl. Commissioner, P&E by 20.10.2015 under the signature of DC/AC.

5. This issues with the approval of the Pr. Commissioner of Customs (General-), JNCH.

(M.K. Nair)
Asstt. Commissioner of Customs
Personnel & Establishment, JNCH

Copy to :
1. Chief Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai Zone-I, II & III.
2. Commissioner of Customs (Import/Export/Appeals), JNCH
3. All Addl. /Jt. Commissioner of Customs, JNCH.
4. All Dy./Asstt. Commissioner of Customs, JNCH.
5. Chief Accounts Officer, JNCH.
6. Concerned Officer.
7. Office Copy

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