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F. No. S/5-Gen-27/2012 P& E /SevottamJNCH            Date: 21.02.2013


Sub:- Implementation of Sevottam in the Export Commissionerate, Zone -II-reg.

The Office of the Commissioner of Customs (Export), Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House, Nhava Sheva, Raigad 400707. endeavors to implement a “Service Delivery Excellence Model” called “SEVOTTAM” whose aim is to enhance customer satisfaction, provided effective and efficient service, continuously improve its service and service delivery processes by encouraging, facilitating and assisting existing and potential assesses to voluntarily discharge their export obligations and provide them services required in meeting their obligations. The Export Commissionerate commits to discharge all its functions in a fair, impartial, transparent and consistent manner.

2. As a measure of achieving excellence in the service delivery, the following is ordered to be implemented immediately in all Groups/Sections of the Export Commissionerate:-

a)The responsible persons (process owners) for the different processes set out in the Citizens Charter where the standards of service that the department seeks to provide to the Customers and the norms fixed for the Commissionerate are as follows:

Sr. No. Service Norm in Citizens’s Charter to be met Process owners designated/appointed as responsible officers
1. Acknowledge all written communication within 7 days other than communications of confidential/secret natures which are to be transferred to PS to Commissioner. The internal departmental correspondence will not be covered in this service.
  • A.C.A.O. appraising Main
  • Supdt. of Customs
  • Preventive Officer
  • STA/TA posted in the Office of Commissioner (Export)
2. Convey decisions on matters within 15 working days of their receipt. All correspondence related with clarification and conveyance shall be disposed of within 15 working days. The concerned DC/AC should put up files to Commissioner on every 15th & 30th day of the month.
  • Addl./Jt. Commissioner, Sevottam
  • A.C./D.C. Sevottam/Concerned section
  • Supdt(Prev)/A.O. Sevottam/Concerned section.
3. Dispose of a Drawback claim within 7 days of receipt of a complete claim. Dispose of a Refund claim within 90 days of receipt of a complete claim.
  • A.C./D.C. Drawback
  • Concerned A.C./D.C
  • Superintendent/AO Drawback/ Refund
4. Clear the export goods within 24 hours of filing of declaration, where the declaration relating to any consignment is complete and correct and all documents are in accordance with the procedure .
  • A.C. /D.C Docks Export of the Concerned Group/ Section/CFS.
  • Superintendent of the Concerned Group/Section/CFS


5. Release of seized documents within 30 working days if they are not required by the department. In all SCNs, a clause should be inserted to state that the Exporters /parties should collect the non-relied upon documents from the department within 30 days of receipt of SCN. Where no SCN is issued,a letter shall be issued to party to collect documents by designated person with 15 days of decision taken for not issuing the SCN. Date of actual return of non-relied documents to be indicated in appropriate register.
  • A.C./D.C. SIIB (E)
  • Supdt. of Customs posted in SIIB (E)
6. Acknowledge complaints received within 48 hours of receipt and attempt to provide final replies with 30 working days.
  • A.C./D.C Appraising Mian
  • Commissioner (Export)
7. Documented procedure for exigencies in service Delivery, i.e. in case where due to unavoidable circumstances, normal service delivery as per the Citizens Charter is not possible.
  • A.C./D.C.

(Appraising Main/General)

  • A.C./D.C. (EDI)
  • TA/STA (EDI)

b)Deputy /Assistant Commissioner (Appraising Main) is hereby designated as “Public Grievance Redressal Officer” for cases received in this Commissionerate. All correspondence related with Public Grievances and Vigilance matters shall be disposed off within 30 days. File to be submitted to the Commissioner on every 15th & 30th day of the month.

c) Management Review meeting will be held every month.

d)Think Tank headed by the Commissioner(Export), for implementation of SEVOTTAM in Export Commissionerate, Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House, Nhava Sheva, Raigad 400707 comprises of the following officers:-

(i)Additional/Jt .Commissioner ,Appraising Main(Export),

(ii)Additional/Jt. Commissioner, EDI,

(iii)Deputy/Asst. Commissioner, SIIB (E)

(iv)Deputy/Asst. Commissioner, Appraising Main (Export),

(v)A.O. /Superintendent Appraising Main /Sevotham Cell

(e)The documented operating procedures for Service Deliverables are appended to this order. Monthly abstract shall be drawn in the records maintained in this regard, to analyse the performance per month by the process owners and verified by the A.C./D.C. of concerned Group/Section. All concerned are directed to strictly follow the operating procedures as discussed in this order and made available at actual point of use.

(f) The Citizens’ Charter and Quality Policy shall be prominently displayed for benefit of trade/assesses. In this regard, the responsibility of the same shall be with Deputy/Asstt. Commissioner, Appraising Main (Export).

(g)All process owners could re-deploy the resources within their direct control for optimum utilization, to target the objective of the CBEC Service Quality Manual. Further, following specific facilities shall be established in all groups/section Commissionerate.

(i)SINGLE WINDOW FACILITY  at point of public contact. A centralized receipt and disposal system for all written communication to be established in this Commissioner ate.

(ii)Customer feedback cum suggestions forms, collection information on parameters that lead to higher customer satisfaction may be pro-actively captured in the feedbacks relating to parameters like reliability (timeliness, accuracy and availability) responsiveness and empathy (caring attitude) and assurance (local language, knowledge and courtesy of employees).

3.The above instructions and the provisions contained in the CBEC Service Quality Manual (SQM) should be complied with strictly for ensuring that service delivery to all customers meets the requirements of IS 15700.

4.All concerned should ensure that records for each step are maintained systematically.

5.Any difficulty should be brought to the notice of the DC, Appraising Main (Export) the Public Grievance Redressal Officer.

(Manoj Krishna)
Commissioner of Customs (Export)
Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House,

Copy to:

1.  Chief Commissioner of Customs, Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House, Nhava Sheva, Raigad 400707 (Import), Mumbai-Zone-II,

2. Addl. Director General, DGI, Mumbai
3. All Addl./Jt. Commissioner of Customs, Export Commissionerate,
4.  All Deputy /Asstt. Commissioner of Customs, Export Commissionerate,
5.EDI Section for putting up on the website,
6.  Notice Board
7.  Office Copy.

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