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F.No. S/5-MISC-168 /11 Lic.

STANDING ORDER No. 05 /2013 DATED  12.02.2013

Subject: Procedure for verification and registration of Scrips issued under Chapter 3 of FTP like Served from India Scheme Certificate (SFISC); Vishesh Krishi and Gram Udyog Yojana(VKGUY); Target Plus Scheme (TPS); Focus Market Scheme (FMS) and Focus Product Scheme (FPS) –reg

While following the procedure and timelines, prescribed in the attached Public Notice No. 04 /2013 dated 05 /02/2013, the Officers and staff of Customs will adhere to the following aspects/ timelines.

a) The original scrip including Annexure, along with their photocopy, and copies of Bank Realization Certificate (BRC) shall be presented with application to the TA (License) in License Section. The TA shall give acknowledgement (time and date of receipt) to scrip holder/CHA and also endorse the time and date of receipt on the application. Then TA shall hand over file with these documents to Appraising Officer (AO)/Supdt in License Section.

b) The ACAO License shall check the Alert Register and if there is no alert, shall endorse No Alert with his/her signature and stamp on the file and on original scrip.

c) Supdt/Licence shall confirm the genuineness of licences from the DGFT website. If not available we will call confirmation from DGFT by fax/Email.

d) Copy of verification of genuineness of scrip, will be downloaded by TA (License) from DGFT Website and it will be linked with relevant file, and bring out the facts of cross check/verification, and send file to AO/Supdt (License).

e) Once the genuineness of License is confirmed and there is No Alert and if no discrepancy is noticed the AO/Supdt (License) shall register the scrip in the EDI system. The AO/Supdt (Licence) shall keep a copy of the Scrip & Annexure in the file. The Job Number and Registration Number generated by EDI system will be endorsed on original scrip and its photocopy by AO/Supdt (License) after which the TA (License) will return original scrip to scrip holder/CHA against written acknowledgment on the photocopy of scrip in the file.

f) After verification of all details as mentioned above (a) to (e) Scrip will be registered on the same day or latest by the next working day.

g) DC/ADC/Licence shall on random basis select 10% of scrips for verification of the genuineness of Shipping Bills and BRC’s by the licensing branch. For such selected scrips, TA Licence shall check the FOB value as per shipping bills in Annexure attached with scrip and actual realized as per copy of  BRCs, and the admissible entitlement. The report of the TA (Licence) shall be noted in the file. Meanwhile AO/Supdt (License) shall send file to Supdt (EGM) for crosschecking Annexure details with Customs EDI details of shipping bills/EGM filing status, and where relevant the product exported (relevant for FPS scheme) or destination country (relevant for FMS) and Supdt. (EGM) shall send report to AO/Supdt. Licence within two working days and AO/Supdt. Licence shall put up consolidated report to DC/ADC /Licence on the next working day.

h) However, if any discrepancies are noticed in the process of crosscheck and/or verification, the AO/Supdt (Licence) shall evaluate the courses of action and refer the matter to DC/AC (Licence) who will take further actions to appropriately handle and redress the discrepancies.

i) Quarterly report on discrepancies and the manner of redressal of the same be prepared for submission to the Ministry. First report due for period Jan-March 2013 be sent by 10th of April, 2013.

( Manoj Krishna )
Commissioner of Customs (Exports)
JNCH Nhava Sheva

Copy for information to:-
I.MoF, DoR(Joint Secretary, Drawback)
II.The Chief Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai-Zone-I/II/III,
III.The Commissioner of Customs (Import), JNCH
IV.All the Addl./Jt. Commissioner of Customs, JNCH.
V.All the Deputy/Asstt. Commissioner of Customs, JNCH.
VI.The Deputy Commissioner of Customs, (SIIB (X), JNCH.
VII.The Deputy Commissioner of Customs, (CIU), JNCH.
VIII.The Additional Commissioner of Customs (EDI) to upload in the JNCH website.
IX.DGFT, New Delhi
X.All the Trade Association.
XI.CHA Association
XII.Office Copy

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