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2008 के लिए खड़े आदेश
SO-54-08   Examination norms for export goods at port of export   19.12.2008  
SO-53-08   To provide more trade facilitation and to update disposals in Key areas of work   19.12.2008  
SO-52-08   Guidelines for Valuation of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Under the provisions of the Customs Act 1962   19.11.2008  
SO-51-08   Guidelines for Valuation of Glycerin Under the provisions of the Customs Act 1962   18.11.2008  
SO-50-08   Procedure for refund-re-credit of DEPB in pursuance of Notification NO.102-2007 Customs dated 14.09.2008   03.11.2008  
SO-49-08   STANDING ORDER NO. 49-2008   Oct 2008  
SO-48-08   Commencement of Third Shift working   17.10.2008  
SO-47-08   Processing of manual Drawback Shipping bills under sec.74   08.10.2008  
SO-46-08   office on 11.10.2008   07.10.2008  
SO-45-08   Shifting of a vessel to outer anchorage without port clearance   30.09.2008  
SO-44-08   Facility of Manual Let Export Order for export consignments   23.09.2008  
SO-43-08   Procedure for back to townof full export cargo   17.09.2008  
SO-42-08   Exports 6 day week for assessment examination and stuffing of export cargo   15.09.2008  
SO-41-08   All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback   10.09.2008  
SO-40-08   Facility of Direct Port Delivery to select importers availing the Direct Port Delivery Facility   01.09.2008  
SO-39-08   Additional Instructions on scanning of containers passing through the gateway   28.08.2008  
SO-38-08   Export duty on iron and steel items doubts regarding coverage of items in the Export Schedule   20.08.2008  
SO-37-08   Disposal of unclaimed – uncleared cargo of – less than one year category   19.08.2008  
SO-36-08   Post Clearance Audit of all Bills of Entry filed under High Seas SalesValuation Guideline-valuation of imported Unbranded Furniture   13.08.2008  
SO-35-08   Commencement of Double Shift System for Customs Examination Work at Import Docks   04.08.2008  
SO-34-08   Amendment in the Shipping Bills   01.08.2008  
SO-33-08   Pendency of stuffing reports even after filing EGM   01.08.2008  
SO-31-08   Raising queries at the stage of processing of Drawback claims   11.07.2008  
SO-30-08   Export of notified commodities- mandatory production of EIA   11.07.2008  
SO-29-08   L-errors are on account of the cancellation of the Let Export Order   14.07.2008  
SO-28-08   Importers of new motor of cars   14.07.2008  
SO-27-08   Factory Stuffing Permission on post verification basis   July 2008  
SO-26-08   Introduction of 2nd shift for processing of documents and granting of LEO   July 2008  
SO-25-08   Re-structuring of Centralized Refund Cell at JNCH Nhava Sheva   23.06.2008  
SO-24-08   Rectification of C-error   27.06.2008  
SO-23-08   Levy of Light-dues under the Lighthouse Act 1927   23.05.2008  
SO-22-08   Examination report at the Import Docks   15.05.2008  
SO-21-08   Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) Regime   21.04.2008  
SO-20-08   Clarification reg. Movement of Self- Sealed Containers   April 2008  
SO-19-08   To ensures that details of the sample drawn are entered in Shipping Bill   03.04.2008  
SO-18-08   valuation and clearance of certain commodities   03.04.2008  
SO-17-08   STANDING ORDER NO. 17-2008   25.03.2008  
SO-16-08   granting LEO to all factory stuffed containers   16.03.2008  
SO-15-08   Customs Examination Work at Import Docks   12.03.2008  
SO-14-08   Centralization of processing of exports of factory Stuffed Containers   26.02.2008  
SO-13-08   Fee is being insisted in respect of the EP copies   26.02.2008  
SO-12-08   The procedure of granting of Port Clearance   22.02.2008  
SO-11-08   Valuation Guidelines for Imported Bearings   140.02.2008  
SO-10-08   Importability of Restricted Goods under the Served from India Scheme   11.02.2008  
SO-09-08   Classification of carpets and floor coverings having mixed composition in the Drawback Schedule   11.02.2008  
SO-08-08   Taking of Bank Guarantees   06.02.2008  
SO-07-08   Holiday posting of Officers   23.01.2008  
SO-06-08   Imports made against DEPB licences issued   23.01.2008  
SO-04-08   Registration of Licence under Focus Market Scheme   04.01.2008  
SO-03-08   Assigning Centralized SCN Numbers to Show Cause Notices   03.01.2008  
SO-02-08   Commencement of Double Shift System for Customs Examination Work at Import Docks   02.01.2008  
SO-01-08   Facility of Manual Out of Charge of import consignments   02.01.2008  
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