F.No. S/22-Gen-208/2008 AM(I)                                                                   Date : 17.0 2.2009


(Referred / amended vide S.O.No. 58/2011)


                        Sub : Examination of Import cargo at the CFSs – Reg.


            Attention of all the Officers / Staff posted in the Import Docks (Container Freight Stations in the jurisdiction of the Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House) is invited to various Instructions/guidelines relating above subject. For the sake of convenience of the officers/staff, it is stated that guidelines relating to examination of cargo have been detailed in the Appraising Manual, Vol – 2. titled as  Shed / Docks department under Part-6.  The details of some of the Standing Orders issued by the Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House, are also tabulated below.


Sr. No.





22/2008 DT. 15.5.2008

Examination report at the Import Docks


15/2008 DT. 12.3.2008

Commencement of Double Shift System for Customs Examination Work at Import Docks (CFSs)


02/2008 DT. 2.1.2008

Commencement of Double Shift System for Customs Examination Work at Import Docks (CFSs)


01/2008 DT. 2.1.2008

Facility of Manual Out of Charge of import consignments


52/2007 DT. 14.12.2007

Discontinuance of Daily Maintenance Register


49/2007 DT. 6.12.2007

Intellectual Property Rights


46/2007 DT. 8.11.2007

Facility of part delivery of import consignment


22/2006 DT. 22.2.2006

Implementation of Risk Management System in Imports


56/2005 Dt. 23.12.2005

Clearance of Imported metal scrap


27/2005 DT. 10.6.2005

Inspection of shipment of paper waste under OGL


26/2005 DT. 31.5.2005

Clearance of Green Channel Containers directly from the ports


21/2005 DT. 7.4.2005

Roll and functions of Examining officers


18/2005 DT. 31.3.2005

Fast Track Clearance Procedure of Bs/E pertaining to EOU


47/2004 DT.   .12.2004

Examination of Cargo imported for subsequent re-export


45/2004 DT. 5.11.2004

Procedure to be followed in Docks in cases where 100% examination of metallic scrap is to be done in factory premises by Central Excise officers.


26/2004 DT. 21.4.2004

Import of metal scrap – Requirement of pre-shipment inspection certificate from agencies specified in appendix 28 of the Hand Book of Procedures (Vol-1) 2002-2007


2/2004 DT. 6.1.2004

Collection of samples from CFS and deposition at various outside laboratories and collection of test reports from the laboratories and deposition with Appraising Groups.


2            The Appraising Manual and various Standing Orders/Public Notices issued by JNCH and Circulars issued by Board are readily available on the intranet site of the Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House on the EDI System.  All the officers/staff posted in docks are directed to familiarize themselves.    Some of the important guidelines/instructions are reiterated as below:


3.         The registration of Bill of Entry for examination of import cargo shall be permitted after checking the seal cutting permission given by the CFS.  The registration should be strictly done according to the timings prescribed in the Standing Order No. 02/2008 dated 02.01.2008.  Registration beyond the stipulated timings should only be done on prior approval of Additional Commissioner in charge of Import Docks and this fact should be reflected in the examination report. The Appraising Officer / Superintendent / Examiner shall maintain a daily register for registration of Bs/E which shall contain the details of B/E No. and Date, Name of the Importer and CHA and the description of the goods and RMS / Non-RMS.  


4.         Examination of Cargo.


4.1       The Appraising Officers / Superintendents shall pay special attention to the alert notices / hold notice and any other instruction issued by the investigation agencies (DRI/CIU/SIIB/CSD) or the appraising groups related to a particular B/E.  They should also visit the intranet site of Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House (available on the EDI system) to sensitize themselves with the various alert notices / IPR registrations.  The SIIB Imports section shall ensure that all such alerts / IPR registrations are hoisted on the departmental intranet site and updated on regular basis. 


4.2       The Docks examining officers shall insist on all the original documents in general and the packing list with running serial numbers of the packages of the cargo imported in particular. 


4.3       The Appraising Officer / Superintendent should carefully go through EDI system generated instruction in the case of RMS facilated Bills of Entry or the examination order given by the Appraising Groups in other cases, and take a note of the special requirements specified therein. 


4.4       The container selected for examination should be suitably de-stuffed to make gullies / galleries as considered appropriate by the Appraiser / Superintendent, so as to have an access and view of the entire cargo.  The officer should be able to walk up to the rear walls of the container.  Thereafter the specified percentage selection of the packages should be made to examine the cargo.  In case of any doubt or discrepancy, the entire container should be de-stuffed for examination.


4.5       The examination report on the hard copy of the B/E and that entered into the EDI system should invariably contain the details of container number(s) and the package serial number(s), which were randomly selected on a percentage basis as per the examination order and opened for examination against any consignment covered by a particular B/E.


4.6       In case, where a particular consignment covered by a B/E has shipping marks as per import documents but does not bear any running serial number on the packages, then the appraising officer / superintendent shall ask the importer / CHA to prepare a local packing list detailing the running serial number of the packages and indicating the contents therein.  The Appraising Officer / Superintendent should invariably put the number and date of the B/E and their initials on the packages randomly selected and examined as per the examination instructions on the particular B/E.  This fact shall be recorded on the hard copy of the B/E as well as the EDI system. 


4.7       In case the goods covered under particular B/E attract the provisions of Notification No. 44(RE-2000)/1997-2000 dated 24.11.2000 issued by the DGFT, Ministry of Commerce & and Industry, Government of India, then it must be ensured that these goods comply with the conditions stipulated in this notification. before they are cleared for home consumption.  The notification stipulates that all the packaged products, which are subject to the provisions of the Standards of Weight and Measures (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 1977, shall in particular, carry the declaration such as, name and address of the importer, net quantity, month and year of packing and maximum retail price.


4.8       In cases where representative samples are to be drawn either for test or for inspection by the appraising group or any other agency, due care and caution is to be exercised.  The samples should be drawn by the Appraising Officer / Superintendent as per the procedure prescribed and it should be representative of the entire consignment, covering all varieties and types.  It should be in sufficient quantity as may be warranted by the testing laboratory / appraising group / agency.  The representative samples must be sealed in presence of the AO / Superintendent and shall bear their signatures and that of the importer’s representative or the CHA. The details of the samples are to be entered in the sample register CFS wise.  One set of samples is to be handed over to the person duly authorized for collection of samples and the duplicate set is to be kept in safe custody of the AO / Superintendent and is subsequently deposited in the sample storage centre. 


4.9       The examination report should be clear, precise and unambiguous.  It should address to all the points raised in the examination order and the Compulsory Compliance Requirements generated by the EDI system.


5.         In case of RMS Bs/E the appraiser / superintendent should ensure that the Load port seals on the container are intact and their number corresponds exactly with those on the import documents. The RMS Bs/E should be scrutinized for verification of CCR generated by the system.  In case discrepancies are noticed, the same should be communicated to the LRM of the Custom House for insertion of suitable targets in the EDI system. Furthermore, if the examining officer feels the need of examining the goods covered by the RMS B/E, then the same should be done after obtaining approval from the Additional / Jt. Commissioner Docks. 


6.         A proper Discrepancy Register is to be maintained CFS wise and all discrepancies noticed during the course of examination should be entered therein on a daily basis.  This register will record details of the B/E, importer, CHA, Description of the goods, Assessable value, the nature of discrepancy and the action taken thereof including realization of extra duty / redemption fine and personal penalty.


7.         The DC/AC in charge of the CFS shall conduct sample checking of 5% of the consignments selected on random basis from the B/E registered for examination on a daily basis to check for any discrepancy.  The B/E selected by the DC / AC should be rounded off and duly initialed by him in the registration register of the Bs/E maintained by the appraising officer / superintendent.


            All these instructions should be strictly followed by all concerned. 




                                                                                                            Sd /-17.02.09

                                                                                                (SANJEEV BEHARI)

                                                                        COMMISSIONER OF CUSTOMS (IMPORTS)