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Annexure- I

Declaration for Sale invoices in electronic media

Refund on the Bill of Entry No. ____________ dated ___________  

We. M/s __________________________., the importers, declare and certify that the exemption from Additional duty and consequent refund, as contained in the Notification No. 102/2007 dated 14-09-2007, is being claimed and is required to be given effect because the conditions as are stipulated therein are fulfilled in respect of the Bill of Entry No. _________ dated ___________ :-

(a) We are registered with VAT authorities of the state of Delhi under Registration No. TIN No. _______________.

(b) For the purpose of fulfillment of the conditions of the Notification No. 102/2007- Customs dated 14.9.2007, we are submitting copy of invoices in electronic form (including the form of CD).

It is further certified that

1. The electronic media is containing the information about sale invoices and is submitted along with this paper declaration indicating the invoice numbers contained in the media.

2. The above information is true extract from the sale invoices and Carbon copy / Office copy in original of the said invoices and the original shall be submitted, if so required.


Date: ____

For M/s ____________________

Summary of the details in the media

S. No. Sales Invoice No Date Amount of sale in Rs. VAT/ ST paid thereon Remarks
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